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Kootenay Yoga School Student Reviews


It’s hard to put into words how amazing this trip was. It was challenging, inspiring, enlightening — everything I hoped it would be. The food was fresh and delicious, the schedule was packed but they kept it interesting by moving us around and taking breaks when needed. Marcia was a wealth of knowledge, so kind and considerate and made such a safe and welcoming space for us to learn. Lisa Kevin and Candice were helpful with our every need. The rooms were simple but very clean with all the necessities. The location is great - on the quieter part of the island. Very safe with beach on both sides. The special touches were so thoughtful - a white elephant for us on Christmas, a special ceremony at Punta Sur on Sunday to welcome the new week, a New Year’s Day asana and reflection on the beach at sunrise, candle making with the whole group, a beautiful closing ceremony with gorgeous glowers and sunset photos on the beach. Chefs kiss! This training was perfection. I am a better person for having experienced it with a wonderful group of people. I am so grateful!!


I loved every single second of the training course. I arrived in cancun to start training. Unfortunately, my suitcase did not. Lisa and Kevin called the airline to ensure that my case arrived with me asap and the lovely ladies who were doing the course loaned me some kit to keep me going. The food was amazing. Lisa, Kevin and Candice were always on hand for any questions, organised additional trips and gave tips on places to go on our day off. Nothing was too much trouble. I won't spoil it, but they also gave lots of thoughtful small tokens to keep us going through the training. Steph, our teacher, gave 110% every single day. I have no idea where she gets her energy from. Steph was enthusiastic and incredibly knowledgable about anatomy, philosophy and, of course, all variations of yoga. Steph has trained under some of the most recognisable names in yoga. You are very much in safe hands with her. She provides lots of encouragement and certainly brought out the best in me. All of the students taking the course with me were amazing individuals with their own interesting and astounding journeys/backgrounds. An absolutely life changing experience for me and I cannot recommend the school enough to others.


I am beyond grateful for my experience with Kootenay Yoga School on Isla Mujeres- Island of women! From the very beginning the entire team created such a life changing experience. With ease of logistics and accommodations that catered nourishing meals and breathtaking access to the Island, I feel super honored to have been able to grow with this experience. Our instructors were amazing with each bringing their own passion to their teachings. Sarah and EJ created a safe environment to allow us to explore and gain a deeper understanding of yoga and ourselves. The course content was well organized and the classes created opportunities to explore teaching styles, provide feedback, and gave us the tools to leave the Island ready to teach. I am humbled each day for this experience and would love to take any other training or workshops hosted by Kootenay Yoga School!


I did not know what to expect form this YTT but I was so pleasantly surprised by how thorough and enthusiastic Stephania was as a teacher. I learned so much about anatomy and alignment. I was very inspired by her passion for Iyengar yoga, it made me more open to learning styles of yoga I haven't tried yet. The training really reinvigorated my love for yoga and my personal practice in a way I was not expecting. The shala is beautiful and is was so nice to practice outdoors among the tropical foliage. The food was great and there was lots of variety every day. Lisa is a gracious host and responded to any questions or needs asap. There is a beautiful beach a 5 min walk away. Truly a wonderful experience!


Loved everything. It was challenging, pushed me out of my comfort zone. Loved the staff, the program and all the attention to details.


This has to have been the highlight of my life so far - the location was incredible, the program is carefully designed to be logical and flowing, and the staff really care about the students. I booked a shared room - in the description it says up to 4 people, which worried me a little, but upon arriving I was very happy to see the rooms were spacious and comfy. We had a small sitting area and even a kitchen to prepare an early morning coffee! The pool was beautiful. Placed directly in amongst tropical gardens. It was the perfect temperature for cooling down and relaxing in free time! The property itself is located around a two minute walk from the bay. The beach in the bay is quiet and stunning. I would say the nicest beach on the island - less populated and more relaxed. In the opposite direction around three minutes was the Caribbean cliffs. Such a magical spot to meditate and unwind - just strikingly beautiful. The food. What can I say. I do not think that I have ever eaten such wonderful / colorful vegetarian food. The staff sincerely put attention into presentation and nutritional support to us! From morning Noni shots, to live music while eating was always an experience! The program was more full than I had expected - we really dove in deep and I felt like I really left a teacher. While the days were long, it was so interesting - none of us felt tired or worn down. It was really inspiring! I highly recommend taking this program!


All the whole trip was a success full of joy, happiness and surround by amazing people. Liza and Adi take care of us and prepared delicious vegetarian meal everyday. Elizabeth our yoga teacher was the kindest and loving person i had never met and so professional too. The place in joshua tree is full of good vibes, and im so grateful to have a chance to learning and doing yoga overthere. New moon ceremony, sunsire morning, yoga meditation, training how to teach i just have to say thank you! Thank you so much for everything i growth up and recharged my battery full full full. I will recommend everyone if they looking for peace joy and share an scenic experience koutenay yoga school 🤍


It was beautiful, I loved every day of it! Loved the curriculum and the hosts were so kind and prepared the most amazing food every single meal. EJ was a wonderful teacher with such a bright and kind soul, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


Seriously loved this YTT200 immersion so much! Definitely one of the best trips of my life - I was so sad to leave! Sarah and EJ were the absolute best teachers one could hope for - they helped me deepen my practice immensely! Addy kept us so nourished with amazing food - I couldn’t believe how delicious and nutritious our meals were! Lisa was the creative genius behind this location, training and overall fantastic yoga retreat - the fellow yogis were also such a great group!! So blessed! thank y’all so much for the highlight of my year and please consider doing a YTT300 on the property - I would happily return for round 2!


Truly this experience was so much more than expected. From the training to the food to the community, I had the best time at Kootenay Yoga School. EJ was the most knowledgeable and incredible teacher- she taught the information in a way that was so digestible and encouraging. Lisa and Addy were fabulous and the food was so good. This was truly a lifelong memory of an experience. I am walking away confident I can step into teaching my own classes, and with a depth of knowledge more than I could imagine. It was mid-August so it was HOT, but we were taken care of and managed through it well. Highly recommend booking your training here!


What can I say? This training was outstanding. The instructors were so knowledgeable and excellent in delivery of the program. The people became my tribe. We were each there because we were meant to be there and formed this tight knit group that I didn't want to leave! I feel I have become a well rounded, knowledgeable teacher and can't wait to share this with the community! The food!  wow!! Don't worry about the taste and variety it was so amazing I am having trouble with my home menu now  I want to go back!  oh and the river! Best Beach and beyond - wow beautiful!


I booked very last minute and didn't really expect anything. Got totally blown away! A beautiful location right next to a little river in the heart of the Okanagans. Great teachers, good program, many laughs and the best vegetarian food I've had in a while! Whilst I expected simple meals, everyday we got surprised with a buffet that you'd rather find in a 5 star hotel than an off grid summer camp!


This was my 3rd 200hr and I learnt SO much. Marcia is such a wonderful teacher with so much passion and wisdom. The people I met were incredible, the food was incredible and we were so well looked after. Joshua Tree is a very special place. I am so so glad I picked this teacher training. A perfect balance of yoga philosophy, asana and teaching vinyasa safely.


What an incredible two weeks on Isla Mujeres! I am so glad I took the time to come do this training! From the very beginning, all of the staff were so great. Lisa was so friendly and quick to respond to emails, questions etc. Kandice brings such a warm and welcoming energy to the group and I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to practice and learn from our instructor, Marcia. She was so sweet and so kind, she gracefully held space for everyone in the group, and always brought laughter and fun to each session. Every morning she led us through beautiful flows and meditations and she passed on so much knowledge that has made me feel so excited and inspired to explore my yoga practice deeper and in ways that I didn't know how to before. The days are long, but SO fulfilling. The course content was well organized, thorough and I walked away with a deeper understanding of yoga, new explorations of my own practice and feeling confident to teach. Spending two weeks here made it so hard to leave! Thank you, thank you for such a lovely journey. I would highly recommend this experience with Kootenay Yoga School and would absolutely do it again!


This training was amazing from start to finish!!!! The shared rooms were very comfortable despite the Mexican heat. There are fans in every room, a large living room, a shared kitchen and a hot shower at all times! The food is super varied, colorful, tasty and delicious. Everything is fresh with lots of local specialties (tacos, guacamole, etc). The daily schedule is well defined. The program is full in two weeks but you still have time to rest: moment of solitude, small siestas, refreshment at the swimming pool etc. A magnificent small beach is accessible within 5 minutes of walking! My favorite was obviously our incredible teacher Marcia. She is super fun, attentive to students and very open-minded. It animates the theory with debates and participatory discussions. Everyone feels included and respected. She has a contagious joie de vivre and you can feel her passion through her teaching. Everyone loves it! Finally, Keven and Candice were present on site to answer our questions throughout our stay. You feel really good and taken care of with all the staff present on site. I recommend 100%


What can I say about this amazing program organized by these incredible thoughtful humans? This is the best retreat and program I've ever been to. The details, the space, the food, the location ... absolutely no complaints, 10/10, a life-changing experience individually on a soul, physical and mindful level. The food was incredible -- delicious vegetarian food -- all meals, and literally were never left hungry. The location is gorgeous, clean and right by the beach - both coasts. You can literally watch the sun rise and set every single day (and I did almost every day!) While outside you are practicing under some shade and the schedule really spaces all the teachings out. Our teacher, sent from the Yoga ancestors themselves, Stephanie is one of a kind incredible and excellent teacher. If you are serious about yoga for self-practice and to become a teacher beyond the idea of yoga but in adopting it's principles and understanding it's origin and respecting it's world through mind body and soul, book this retreat immediately. Especially for the price? A must must must. Thank you to Kevin Chef Diana and Kandice + staff you were all incredible <33


I had an amazing time at this YTT! Everything was perfect!! Beautiful location near the beach with a beautiful yoga shala surrounded by trees. Stefania was an incredible teacher and shared so much knowledge. I felt incredibly lucky that she was our teacher and shared so much of her knowledge and energy with us. The food was incredible, super delicious! Kandice and Kevin were so friendly, supportive and helpful! The teaching was a perfect balance, the days were full and enriching, intense but not too intense, there was enough time to absorb the info and chill before the next day. I had such an amazing time, I would highly recommend this training to anyone who is looking to deepen their practice and have a very fulfilling enriching experience. I am so happy I chose to come to this school for this particular program! Nothing but great things to say about it!


I loved my time at Kootenay Yoga School! I miss it so much and plan to go back for my Yin certification. Lisa and Addy run an amazing school, and Michelle is a fantastic teacher. She (Michelle) knows how to push yet hold space and create a psychologically safe space. She teaches a great blend of theory, practicum, anatomy, and history/philosophy while paying tribute to the Indian culture and proper Sanskrit pronunciation. She also infuses spirituality into the program and I felt like I had gone through accelerated therapy/a spiritual awakening. I highly recommend this school.


Thanks a lot to the organizers and the teacher for having everything prepared and well thought in advance for every single details. The location was calm and beautiful which conciliated me with pure nature. My obssessed mind changed totally towards love for every tiny creature. The food was just awesome, energetic and in such a harmony with the weather and our level of activities while was so delicious and diverse. The good food and proper sleeping amenities associated with kind and warm care of the organizers provided the appropriate setting for me to learn, relax and do inner work. The teacher emphasis was on the essence of yoga while the classes was in harmony with students pace. The training built confident, courage and excitement for the steps forward and learning endlessly. Side activities were fun, adventurous and planned in right time. I highly recommend this program to all my friends and to whoever seeking inner peace.
I wish I could stay there for a year at


Lisa and Addy were amazing organizers!!! This mother-daughter duo is unmatched with their work ethic, kindness, spontaneity, and creativity. They are very experienced in the hospitality industry and it showed! All of the meals were well thought-out and delicious :) Sarah the instructor was so kind, flexible and knowledgable! She shared so much of her wisdom with us and it was truly life-changing! We had a wonderful group full of amazing and inspiring people. I would highly recommend this yoga teacher training experience.


Calling the trip great would be a huge understatement. Lisa and Addy did everything To accommodate us and make us super happy. The food was just incredibly good. Considering the off grid setting I don’t even know what it must take to feed us every day like this. The tents were very comfortable and the site was just perfect to just escape and immerse into nature and yoga. There were not too many mosquitoes so it was very nice to sit outside in the evenings and do some extra yoga sessions during sunset . Sarah, the teacher was just mindblowing. She always adjusted to the needs of the group and inspired us to find our path. Her teaching was profound and very knowledgeable . Focus was on chakras and breathing . We had awesome extra activities such as hiking, horseback riding and water boarding. It was just perfection. Thank you Lisa and Addy and Sarah. I hope you’ll have more awesome people to share their journey with you Best wishes Sarah


An amazing experience in total! Teachers with true passion for yoga, very well thought and organized program and classes! So much knowledge in such a short period of time! The organizers always there and with a big smile for us, delicious food, nice accommodation facilities. Totally recommendable! Thank you very much


Had a beautiful YTT experience. Very well organized, felt taken care of and all the activities were wonderful. The food was incredible. The program was more than expected, I am so grateful for the experience, the incredible instructors, a really great group of ladies and an enjoyable journey all around. Felt a lot of support and guidance through the process. Very grateful for the organizer, Lisa who is a wonderful human being, always available if you need anything and a joy to talk to. I could not have found a better experience. Thank you!


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